Why the gaps?

Why do your planter designs incorporate gaps in between the boards?

Answer = Air Pruning and deeper soil aeration.

Soil aeration is an important factor in crop production. For maximum production, optimum levels of soil oxygen must be maintained as well as plant nutrient and water supplies. Experiments are being continued to learn more about the relationships between soil aeration and plant growth and to provide information leading to management for the highest production

Air-pruning propagation system is an efficient method of propagating cuttings, seedlings or container plants.  Air pruning happens naturally when roots are exposed to air in the absence of high humidity.  The roots are effectively “burned” off, causing the plant to constantly produce new and healthy branching roots.  If roots are not exposed to air, they continue to grow around the container in a constricted pattern.  The roots may spiral, twist, kink or become strangled, likely fail to establish a normal root structure, and instead will have reduced uptake of water and nutrients.  Eventually abnormal growth should be obvious and could cause the plant to fail.  Damaged root systems also cause leaves to turn yellow or brown, shrivel or drop.  Healthy, highly branched root structures allow a plant to more efficiently uptake water and nutrients while increasing growth and overall plant health.  A strong root system will make a plant better able to establish itself when installed in a restoration project.

raised bed redwood planter

raised bed redwood planter

In almost all cases we build to order, making exactly the size and quantity you need. Turn around is based on backlog, quantity and difficulty of planter construction. Price is based on design and size. A quantity discount will be applied based on a few factors.

Call, text, or email today and get a quote for your project and let’s start building a garden! Please mention your name and city you want the planters delivered to, I like to keep track of the quote.

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