Typically most orders do get delivered. The delivery prices are based on several things, how many planters, the size of the planters,  the distance to the delivery, and the difficulty of the delivery.


Basic, truck load delivery, general area from La Mirada.

  • very local cities, 40.00 minimum
  • Hollywood area, including beach cities like Marina Del Rey, Redondo – 80.00 minimum
  • Glendale, Pasadena – 60.00 minimum
  • San Fernando Valley (up to Camarillo) – 150.00 minimum
  • Past Camarillo north, depends on distance – 200.00 minimum price will be determined
  • San Gabriel Valley – 60.00 minimum
  • Victorville and the Apple Valley area –  150.00 minimum
  • Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, Laguna Beach, San Juan Capistrano, 60.00 minimum
  • Anything South of San Juan Capistrano, based on distance, price will be determined

All of these prices are subject to change based on difficulty of delivery.

Call, text, or email today and get a quote for your project and let’s start building a garden! Please mention your name and city you want the planters delivered.

Thank you!
Robert Curtis

Curtis Custom Planters

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