Elevated versus Hidden Elevated Redwood Planters

I thought it would be nice to explain the difference between a hidden elevated box and an exposed elevated box. The legs on the exposed elevated are showing, the 5-1/2 x 17-1/2″ boards enclose the planter area for the soil. In the Hidden Elevated, the boards are 30″ long and hide the legs, so it looks like a soil from top to bottom. The reason to elevate this is to not have to fill it with soil.

Big elevated redwood garden planters

Big elevated redwood garden planters

Hidden Elevated redwood planter

Hidden Elevated Planter

Beautiful redwood, hand picked

Beautiful redwood, hidden elevated planter

Looking for a gardening solution that helps keep the animals out, and more importantly is easier on your back and neck. This style planter is the perfect box for vegetables, herbs, flowers and anything you can grow in a raised bed.

These are made of solid redwood, glued, bolted, heavy duty dipped galvanized exterior screws, lined and sealed to protect the wood and keep it looking beautiful for years to come.

These are the top requested planters. Very heavy duty and worth every penny! Discount for more and custom sizes are great and very reasonably priced.

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There is a discount for multiple orders and a very reasonable fee for delivery.

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