Payment Terms


A 50% non refundable deposit on all custom work must be paid prior to start of purchase of material and building either via Paypal, which a 4% fee will apply, cash, or check deposit either directly into our bank or snail mail, and work will only start after the check has cleared.

After the order is complete upon delivery, balance of order to be paid in cash, or via above payment methods which need to be cleared prior to delivery.

Note on Paypal, we generate a deposit invoice and clearly note all order details, delivery, fees and what the balance of order will be upon delivery.

Cancel fees

If the order is already built or material is already purchased and a cancellation is necessary, a negotiable fee of not less than material cost will be assessed at the time of cancellation. We are flexible but a reasonable fee will be charged.

These terms are subject to change and will be updated to reflect.

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